How to get involved

You can get involved on different levels.

local/ regional

On the local level you can help to spread the call, discuss it with other groups and consider to arrange activities. Also make sure to inform about what is going on in other parts of the world.


On the global level you can participate in the global chat meetings usually taking place on Sundays. The chats are used to coordinate things on the global level together. Subscribe to the global ISM mailing list to be informed about the details on the next chat meeting.

Besides that these things would really help:

  • ‘Agitate’ : create art!
    From visual expression to poetry. Share your memes, posters, short clips or anything else by sending it to In case attachements exceed 499kb upload the files elsewhere and share the link in your email.
  • ‘Educate’ : share the week of action & inform others about the developments on the global level!
  • ‘Translate’ : help to get the call to action translated inside this pad – translations will be published on this blog

And make sure to announce your activities here.
What is not communicated, didn’t happen.


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