Global Framework

RECLAIM EDUCATION – A Global Week of Action provides a framework which enables people around the world who identify with the struggle to put problems they experience on the local level into a global context. All groups coordinate their activities autonomously according to what they deem most suitable.

The framework, which was agreed on during dozens of public global chat meetings, consists of the following elements:

Common content basis

Visual elements

  • Symbols:
    To support the communication and visually link activities around the world with the week of action participants of previous global chat meetings agreed on the following suggestions of common symbols and slogans.


  • Slogans:
    • Free Education for Emancipation – #1world1struggle
    • Reclaim Education – #1world1struggle
    • Commandeer the Classrooms and Seize the Streets! – #1world1struggle
    • We are not calling for a free university, but a free society. A free university within a capitalist world is much like a lecture hall in a prison. #1world1struggle

    To better link current problems on the local level with the struggle on the global level groups are encouraged to come up with their own slogans and add
    #1world1struggle to it.

Since all groups arrange their activities autonomously communication plays a vital role. One aspect are the symbols and slogans listed above. Another one is to communicate activities from around the world on the local level as well as the activities in your region to the global level!

To inform about your activities or that you support the call to action, to network with other people around the world and clarify any questions, you can use the following infrastructure of the International Student Movement platform:

  • global ISM mailing list [] – make sure to subscribe to the list to stay connected and please send any messages in English.
  • ISM admin collective mailing list [] – message this list, if you want to be listed as a supporter of the call to action.
  • facebook event page – leave a message on the wall
  • leave a comment on this blog
  • use #1world1struggle on twitter – your message will appear on the blog and ISM website

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