Share your reports/ pictures/ videos!

No matter what kind of activities you arranged (e.g. “Your struggle in a picture“, simultaneous banner drops :)) make sure to share reports, pictures and videos! Only then people worldwide will be informed and can be inspired by your efforts.

Here are some channels you can use to share your materials:

  • leave a comment on this blog
  • send an email to the global mailing list of the International Student Movement (ISM) platform:
    NOTE: attachements should not exceed the total size of 500kb – otherwise riseup will block your email!
    it’s better, if you upload visual materials elsewhere and then share the link in your email.
  • participate in the chat meeting this Sunday – 4pm UTC
  • leave a message on the wall of the fb event page and/or the global ISM page
  • post a message on twitter incl. #1world1struggle – tweet will also be displayed in the feed on the blog

Reports will also be gathered and published on this blog as well as the website of the ISM platform as they come in.


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