Call for Simultaneous Banner-drops

In addition to “Your struggle in a picture” the following call for simultaneous banner-drops worldwide was agreed on by participants of previous global chat meetings and phrased by a fellow activist in Amsterdam:

Hello fellow students and activists,

This is a call out regarding a decision that was made during the last global chat of the ISM. During this chat we decided that there will be a simultaneous banner-drops across the world on the first and last day of the Global Week of Action, being the 1st and 8th of May. Several organizations have pledged to participate in the action. To send out a strong transnational message and show the interconectedness of the struggle it would really help if as many people as possible can participate in the actions. So to all of you reading this, could you try to organise a banner-drop at or around one or both of these moments? If you are not able, try to at least share the contents of this message so others might feel inclined to do so, or are at least aware of what is happening.

The message on the banner is free for everyone to decide upon, but we have agreed to at least use the #1world1struggle and/or other shared imagery of the Global Week of Action on the banners, such as the fist with pencil or the red square with safety pin.

The first bannerdrop will be on May 1st 6 PM (18.00) GMT and the second banner-drop will be on May 8th 6 PM (18.00) GMT.


Ons kritisch alternatief


2 thoughts on “Call for Simultaneous Banner-drops

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