Your struggle in a picture

During the coordindations of RECLAIM EDUCATION – A Global Week of Action participants of chat meetings agreed to call for a simply action. Something that can be easily done by everyone around the world and symbolizes global solidarity and unity in our struggle.

It was agreed to call on everyone around the world identifying with the struggle to take a picture at a local landmark or in front of a building displaying the name of the university or school. On the picture groups or individuals display a message (preferably in English) going out to the community involved in the struggle worldwide. It can point out a particular local issue or be a general message of solidarity. An important element of unity is #1world1struggle which is added to the poster, grafitti, banner, chalking, or whatever other medium is used.

Please send in your picture(s) by May 8thto or upload it to the global ISM fb page.

The pictures will be collected and published on this blog as they come in!


2 thoughts on “Your struggle in a picture

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